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Inclusive git: rename “master” to “main” + change default

Take 5 minutes to make your company a little more inclusive! You may want to rename the master branch to main: git branch -m master maingit push -u origin main Then you may want to delete the master branch at … Continue reading

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Eclipse: Generate Getters and Setters WITHOUT MOUSE (fast!)

TL;DR:Generate Getters and Setters in 2 Seconds:Think: “generate getters and setters” et voilà here they are!Do: Shift + Alt + S -> R -> TAB -> ENTER -> Shift+TAB -> ENTER Hi, I hate using the mouse while thinking and programming in … Continue reading

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Android startActivity rotate 3d animation: ActivitySwitcher

Hi! Do you know the Transition3d + Rotate3dAnimation from the APIDemos? I wondered how one could use this animation effect for finishing and starting Activities. Well, this is my solution to it. *UPDATE 05.12.2011* Working example: ActivitySwitcher Create a package … Continue reading

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Annotated Time Line for sdInteractiveChartPlugin symfony

Hi, here is a rough implementation of the Annotated Time Line from the Google Visualization API for the sdInteractiveChartPlugin for symfony: sdAnnotatedTimeLineGraph.class.php <?php /** * sdAnnotatedTimeLineGraph – Creates AnnotatedTimeLine chart! * Google API URL: * * @package plugins * … Continue reading

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Ok, JavaEE ist vielleicht nicht gerade die einfachste Technologie und der ein oder andere verzweifelt daran. Aber es ist schon beachtlich, was manch ein – sagen wir mal unerfahrener – Nutzer alles ausprobiert. Gefunden in einem Forum: // … EntityManager … Continue reading

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Deploy Symfony 1.4 on Windows using rsync (cwrsync)

Deploying symfony 1.4 projects to the production  server may be horrible if you’re on windows… (For older versions of Symfony it’s quite the same.. but the symfony file you need to edit is a different one… check out this thread … Continue reading

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Putty Konfiguration sichern Windows 7

Da die meisten Blog Einträge zu “Putty Konfiguration sichern” ziemlich alt sind: Unter Windows 7 Start > Ausführen: regedit /e puttynew.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY Die Datei findet sich dann unter C:\Windows\System32\puttynew.reg Von dort aus kann sie dann auf z.B. einen USB Stick … Continue reading

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Symfony 1.4 + PhpBB3 session integration / phpbb3 connector

This is how I managed to connect my symfony-users with the PhpBB3-sessions. Goal is to check in a symfony-action or -template if a user is authenticated in the corresponding forum. From here you could easily add: If there is no … Continue reading

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XAMPP + Retrospectiva on Windows 7

Wow! Finally I got it to work… that took me about 6 hours…. in hope to save someones time, I will write down step-by-step, what I did. We will set up Retrospectiva on xampp under http://localhost/retrospectiva . You will need … Continue reading

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Rockförderpreis #1 Platz

Hallo, letztes Wochenende habe ich mit meiner Band Purveyor den Rockförderpreis gewonnen. Bilder gibt es bald auf unserer Band-Website: Robert

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