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Hi, here is a rough implementation of the Annotated Time Line from the Google Visualization API for the sdInteractiveChartPlugin for symfony: sdAnnotatedTimeLineGraph.class.php <?php /** * sdAnnotatedTimeLineGraph – Creates AnnotatedTimeLine chart! * Google API URL: * * @package plugins * @subpackage sdInteractiveChart * @author Robert Heim * @version 0.1 */     class AnnotatedTimeLineGraph extends […]

Deploying symfony 1.4 projects to the production¬† server may be horrible if you’re on windows… (For older versions of Symfony it’s quite the same.. but the symfony file you need to edit is a different one… check out this thread on the symfony-forums: Setting up rsync with a Windows computer). For symfony 1.3/1.4 this works: […]

This is how I managed to connect my symfony-users with the PhpBB3-sessions. Goal is to check in a symfony-action or -template if a user is authenticated in the corresponding forum. From here you could easily add: If there is no valid session, you could create a new one. And on each interaction with the website […]